Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Last year I downloaded Funky Chickens by Sindy Rodenmayer, on FatCat Patterns.

I bought the material and wanted to do the BOM,  however for some reason never got to it.

So January 2013 came and I decided to make the quilt and finish same before I start a new BOM.  (Thank you Hettie for your time).

I still need four blocks and then I can start to blanket stitch the applique work.

I had some problems to upload pictures but then I have a very bright fellow quilter that told me what to do, so now I am back in business.

My post on the weekend at the farm will follow soon.

This is mostly how the animals in our home is handling this terrible heat, and mostly the humans as well.

Now I have to go as I am busy painting by kitchen.

Lots of Quilt lovies

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Off we go

As we were arranging most of the weekend we had to make sure that there is enough too eat and drink.  We were planning a “potjie kos” competition as well and needed to take the gas bottles and pots and then there were our luggage.

We packed everything in the Corsa Bakkie and off we went to our parents to unload all the stuff and reload the trailer and Kombi.

As there was quite a few discussion on how to pack the trailer I decided to pack the back of the Kombi in the meantime.  Even the sixty eggs we took for breakfast. Not one arrived broken at the farm.

All packed, we were off.

Our first stop was in Brandfort to check if the Funeral Home had done their job at Grandma Bokkie’s grave.  She passed away earlier this year and her kids are still struggling to get the headstone on her grave.

Headstone not there the necessary calls were made.

And off we went again. 

I wanted to see where my husband’s Grandma Bokkie lived at Star Diamonds, but what I did not know was that the road was a gravel one and I am very scared of gravel roads.  To top it off we were stopped by a gate and I could not see the house.  We had to take the gravel road back to the main road again!!!

Thanks to our Heavenly Father we reached our destination safely and without any trouble. The kids were glad as they hate being so long in the car (three hours, luckily we did not go to the beach which is between seven to eleven hours drive)

We were greeted by rain and thought that this is going to be a very wet weekend.  But one say thank you Lord for the rain as we so desperately need the rain and we will make the best of it.

Off course nothing stops my husband from a braai.  The gazebo was erected and the fire was started. 

The kids enjoyed the pool table and Mom and me watched and unpacked the stuff. 

Now Marli is Alet and Roelof’s little girl and the only way we could get her to come with us, is that she will sleep with me.  The catch was that I would have to get up in the night to take her to the bathroom.  My kids are 8 and 13, I do not need to get up at night.

Luckily I sleep very light and every hour I woke and look at the time.  Shame she did not even know we went to the bathroom twice.  And for the rest of the weekend she slept with us in the room.

I think I will be a much better Mom now than in my twenties.  It was not so hard and felt nice to be needed again.

We woke Saturday at seven and had a lovely cup of coffee and some of Mom Elsie’s love biscuit, specially baked for the weekend. 

Then the rest of the clang arrived.

To be continued.

Quilt Lovies

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The V-Conference (Kopjies Kraal farm house)

Firstly I want to explain the V-Conference. 

A year ago we stayed over at Kopjies Kraal Country Lodge (farm house) and loved it so much that we begin playing with the idea to do a family and friend weekend as this year both of us turned ...... (thought I would give away my age) and at the same time it was our 15th wedding anniversary.


However we could not do it in August (my birthday) as it was too cold. October (our wedding anniversary) was  Corne & Magda's wedding and December  (Hubby's birthday) was Chrismas and we thought we would just let it go.

Then Alet (my sister-in law) asked about the place as they and their friends, Henk & Joanette wanted to go away for a weekend. I searched for the place on Google at my parents house to show her.  It was there and then that I did not think and decided to try and get place and then invite everybody.  (Think I was not in Alet's good books at that point)

I think God planned the weekend because when I called Christo (owner), he confirmed that the only weekend still available is the long weekend in December.

I send an invite to everybody and this one could not go and that one had to look at finances.  We though that it will only be us and my parents going and was wondering if we must still go ahead.

However in the end we were six families put together by the Heavenly Farther.

Now here is the reason for the V-conference.  All the families surnames started with a V without planning it.

Grandpa Willie and Grandma Elsie van Straaten, Marina van Straaten, Corne en Magda van Straaten, my Husband and me (van Straaten), Henk and Joanette Van Der Merwe and Chris and Anneline Viljoen.

So now you know the clang.

Oooo, and were I scared to put all the persons together with six kids all under 12.

But next time you will find out if the family pictures with all the smiles was taken before the weekend started or after.

And yes I did take some hand work.

Quilt lovies

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

One quilt finished

I finished this quilt.

I also delivered the goodies to Karin.  I am so glad to be finished with that.

I also cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom. What is it with men and a toilet.  I hanged some new coloured towels, put some candles down and hubby loves it.

This little chappy is also keeping me busy as he wants to run around the house, climb in to things and I have to convince the cats that it is not food running around.

We are off this weekend to a farm house, Kopjeskraal, Parys with the family and some friends.  I just hope that every thing will go according to the plans. 

Now I must go and make dinner and see if I can sandwich my Japan quilt.

Quilt Lovies

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Goodie bag

Unfortunately I can not post any pictures but this week I decided to finish some gifts for the Goodie Bags for next years Festival held by the Oranje Quilters Guild.

I hope that on Saturday I can drop of every thing at Karin to box.

I further plan to clean my house and maybe!!!!!!!!  sandwich my Japan quilt.

Quilt lovies

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Breakfast with friends

Today was our group's year end get together.

I thank the Heavenly Father for brought this group of people into my life and the fact that we shear  a mutual love for fabric is a bonus.

There is Rina, the oldest of our group.  She is such an inspiration at 80.  I pray that the Lord will keep me as mobile as she is.

She always calls my two boys her sweet hearts and always give something to pass on to them.

Then there is Karin de Villiers our group leader.  She is an inspiration with lots of patients.  She has worked very hard with the Goodie Bags for the Quilt Festival next year in Bloemfontein as our Guild (Oranje Quilt Guild) is hosting the Festival. A definite must.

And of course Beatrice, a very good friend and the lady that started me with quilting.

With her is Annetjie who made the most beautiful blue coloured quilt.

This is from the (my) right, Christa, Antjie and Madelein.  They  are all very special ladies who has shown me so much and is always ready to be a friend.

From (my) left is "Tannie" Rina, Alta Du Plessis, Alta Street, Karin Nel, Karin De Villiers.  Do you notice the repetition in names,  similar to blocks in a quilt.  And will this ladies be beautiful on a friendship quilt.

Then it was time for the gifts.  It is such fun and boy can these ladies make up the most delightful gifts.  Even a jelly bean will have fun if one of this ladies use it in a gift.

We had a wonderful breakfast as well.

Ok, as promised.  This was the tray I made for the lucky draw gift and I do hope it brings much colour to Antjie.

This was the canister with the birthday fabric and some home made cookies.  I hope the girls use the canister for needle work.

Tonight we have braai at friends.  A perfect end to a perfect day.

Hope to post some progress reports every day next week.

Quilt lovies