Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Last year I downloaded Funky Chickens by Sindy Rodenmayer, on FatCat Patterns.

I bought the material and wanted to do the BOM,  however for some reason never got to it.

So January 2013 came and I decided to make the quilt and finish same before I start a new BOM.  (Thank you Hettie for your time).

I still need four blocks and then I can start to blanket stitch the applique work.

I had some problems to upload pictures but then I have a very bright fellow quilter that told me what to do, so now I am back in business.

My post on the weekend at the farm will follow soon.

This is mostly how the animals in our home is handling this terrible heat, and mostly the humans as well.

Now I have to go as I am busy painting by kitchen.

Lots of Quilt lovies

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  1. Cute funky kitten quilt. Happy Quilting :)